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multidisciplinary trauma society
for Australia and New Zealand

About the Australasian Trauma Society (ATS)

Trauma across the spectrum is represented by many clinicians who individually have been members of their particular specialty groups and colleges. The ATS focuses on multidisciplinary trauma management and as such members from many different specialities come together to benefit in the following ways:

Attention ATS members: The ATS has a wonderful history with the first constitution ratified in 1997.  At the ATS AGM 2020 on 30 October the new ATS Constitution was formally accepted by the members. Please see the ATS Constitution below.


Networking Across Specialties

Networking across specialities both in New Zealand and Australia and Internationally with colleagues working in the field of trauma from injury prevention through to rehabilitation.

Access to the official ATS Journal

Access to the official ATS Journal “Injury”. This is an international journal which has many ATS members contributing to its well regarded content.

Opportunities to present papers

Opportunities are made available for members to present papers at National and International conferences facilitated by the ATS.

ATS Travel Scholarship

The ATS Travel Scholarship is available to members to travel overseas and experience aspects of trauma care including clinical, education, and system development.

ATS is consulted by Government

The ATS Executive Committee is consulted by and has access to the Federal Government in relation to issues impacting on trauma care.

RACS Trauma Verification Committee

The ATS is represented on the RACS Trauma Verification Committee working with this multidisciplinary group to set standards of trauma management across Australasia.

Membership of Special Interest Groups

Membership of special interest groups/ committees is available including Trauma Research and Trauma Nurse Coordinators.

National Trauma Registry Consortium

The ATS has representation on the National Trauma Registry Consortium in partnership with CONROD in Queensland and the RACS.

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